Lucca pregnancy guide: how to visit Lucca with a pregnant belly

 In Consigli per il pancione

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Pregnancy is probably the best experience a woman can have in her life, especially if she manage to combine it with wonderful holidays all over the world.

That’s why is not so rare seeing beautiful future moms walking happily in the Lucca street. Lucca is a perfect city where stay during the pregnancy for billion reasons: you can eat better than ever and you can choose between several kind of activity to do.

If it is summer and and it’s too hot to stay outside, for istance, you can easily find a museum or a place to stay without any problem: and, why not, if the weather is not the best, maybe can be a good opportunity for having a little bit of shopping.

Food, beverage, souvenirs, porcelain dishes and much more are spread in each little street surrounding you; and if you are on pregnancy don’t miss Mammapepe shop, just out from the wall in a really nice streets known as Borgo Giannotti, you will find an entire shop specialized in pregnancy clothing in which you’d love to see how beautiful you are with your pregnant belly. Swimsuits, shorts, funny t-shirt everything you need to stay comfortable for 9 months and even after!

A nice idea for an alternative souvenir, isn’t it?

Mammapepe is waiting you in Via Borgo Giannotti 445! See you there! 

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